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All of the documents found here are filed among the public records in the State of Texas.  They can be found in the clerk's offices of the following courthouses: Dallas County, Travis County, Bexar County, and Lubbock County.

1. Click here for TMLT 1999 Letter. Does it reflect TMLT Policy on Expert Witnesses?

So, who is it that wrote that letter anyway?  It's this guy right above here.  His name is Bob Fields.  After he wrote that letter he was promoted all the way up to CEO.  Does he look like he has your best interests at heart?

2. The Donovitz Incident.  Be sure and take a look at the exhibits to the Donovitz deposition.  If you'll read the Donovitz deposition and review the exhibits to the deposition you'll see how TMLT treats a physician who has the audacity to review medical care for an injured patient.  Here, TMLT forced Donovitz to withhold testimony in cases in which he had been identified as a witness and had concluded that there had been negligent medical care that harmed patients.  Note that TMLT has no problem when he reviews medical records for the insurance companies.  So, in TMLT's world only the insurance company is allowed to have medical expert witnesses? 

Well, anyway, take a look at a clip from the Donovitz deposition, and then download more clips with the links below.  The files are Windows Media Files.  Here's the first clip:


And, here are links to more: 
Clip 2   Clip 3   Clip 4   Clip 5   Clip 6    Clip 7

3.  The Muff incident. Be sure to look at Muff's deposition and the exhibits.  In this incident, a TMLT-insured doctor reviewed a CT scan very carefully and found no evidence of blood clots in the patient's lungs.  But, years later he was asked to sign a report that stated that there were in fact blood clots on the scan - when it would benefit TMLT in a lawsuit to have that letter. What follows is a clip from the video deposition of Dr. Muff and some links to more clips.  They are Windows Media files and may take awhile to load.  Be aware that the voice coming from the viewer's left is TMLT lawyer Ben Davidson. 

Clip 2
Clip 3 Clip 4 Clip 5   Clip 6

A lawsuit resulted from the Muff incident. 
The Petition is here.

4.  In 2007: Cause No. CC-06-13035, styled Clifton v. Lee, an expert witness named Mark Palmer, MD had given a videotaped statement to his patient’s lawyer outlining the breaches in the standard of care by TMLT-insured physician Dwight Lee, MD.  The transcript is attached.  Following that, Palmer was deposed. 

Here is the video statement of Mark Palmer, MD describing how the defendant doctor was negligent with the patient.  When Palmer says Dr. Lee "breached the standard of care" that means he is saying Lee made a mistake that injured the patient.  That's the legal language used commonly in medical malpractice cases because that's the language that is required in court.  So, take a look:


Now after Palmer gave this video statement, TMLT had a private meeting with him without the patient's permission.  And, when he appeared for deposition so that the patient's lawyer could verify under oath what Palmer had previously told him, Palmer told a different story.  So, compare the video statement [pre-TMLT] to the deposition [after TMLT got to him]: click here for the deposition transcript. 

5.  In 2009: Cause No. 2008-CI-13591, styled Dinsmore v. Joshi, Plaintiffs’ designated expert Dr. Schram is giving a deposition for Plaintiffs.  During a break, the defense lawyer who was hired by TMLT to defend the TMLT-insured-Defendants in that case takes Dr. Schram for a private meeting during a break in the deposition.  Schram is also a TMLT insured.  Following that meeting, Dr. Schram changes his testimony and will no longer assist as an expert witness in the case.  Following the alleged tampering incident - which occurred in Travis County, Texas - TMLT entered into a confidential settlement agreement with the Plaintiffs before the judge could enter sanctions against TMLT for its conduct.  The Plaintiffs' Verified Motion for Sanctions is attached.

6. In one recent case, a Dallas District Judge granted a Motion to Prohibit TMLT from contacting witnesses because of its conduct.

If you want to file a Motion to Prohibit Ex Parte Contact and Witness Tampering by TMLT then click here for a form you can use.  It is in Microsoft Word format and is taken from a document found in the court's file related to no. 6 above. 

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